Combustion chamber

Wood dust, as main fuel used in the combustion chamber and in the thermal energy plants, due to its high silica content, causes a series of disadvantages:

• High deposits and consequently reduced performances in the combustion chamber;

• Wear and dirtiness of the refractory materials, eventual heat exchangers and other mechanical parts installed after the thermal plants;

• Numerous and very long plant stop.

INSTALMEC has designed, manufactured and installed a new combustion chamber that allows to settle a high percentage of silica and to remove it with an automatic system. The design allows an easy settling of silica. A dosing system of the cooling air by regulating dampers, keeps the temperatures in such a range to guarantee a perfect combustion and to avoid the melting of silica; further the automatic extraction system of the deposits guarantees a continuos operation of the system and constant performances.

Advantages Combustion chamber

Low time of maintenance and plant stop

Long-lasting of the components

Perfect combustion