Hammer mills

## Our Hammer Mill with a 560 kW direct engine controlled by a 630 kW inverter is designed for recycled wood. The control management allows to relate absorption with loading and therefore optimize consumptions. The control management allows to vary the numbers of revolutions, modifying the granulometry of the wood fraction according to the desired thickness of the panel. The device has special, highly resistant grids, easily replaceable. The rotor can rotate in two directions, so as to use both sides of the hammers.

Advantages Hammer mills

Energy saving

Combining Instalmec cleaning plant for recycled wood with our hammer mills enables to reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs and costs for the substitution of spare parts.

Efficient cleaning

## Installing the hammer mills soon after the recycled wood cleaning line allows for a higher cleaning efficiency of the various fractions of material,

Less wear

## Consequently the result is a longer wear protection of the mills and the other machinery at the plant.

No machine stops

Diversification of the fractions without substitution of the grids and without plant stops.

More flexible production

Adjusting the number of revolutions per minute of the mills gives great technological advantages (production becomes more flexible).

Production saving

## Significant savings in the productive process.