Pneumatic screen

Here cleaning is characterized by an innovative concept of fluid dynamic. This device avoids the clogging of the net meshes and their mechanical wear maintaining constant the final quality of the product. Moreover, while the performance of traditional screens worsens as the nets get dirty, the pneumatic screen’s performance is constant in time. Instalmec pneumatic screen is able to clean nets thanks to a counter-flow air system and to ensure a high constant performance without any nets clogging. One of the most important advantage is the constant efficiency of the screen through time. The material does not rub on the nets, therefore there is no wear and a periodical maintenance is not required.

Advantages Pneumatic screen

Long-term stability and cleaning

Thanks to the continuous auto-cleaning of the screen, due to a counter-flow air, the efficiency is constant through time.

Constant screening

Constant screening efficiency compared to traditional systems, where the effectiveness of classification decreases after few working-hours.


No maintenance required.


Reduced installation costs.