Densimetric Separator

The Densimetric Separator is the ideal machine to carefully separate the wood particles from contaminants such as sand, pebbles, small pieces of plastic, rubber, glass, etc. The operating principle of the Densimetric Separator is based on the combined effect of an oscillatory vibration applied to an inclined board with an evenly distributed air flow. This results in three fractions: clean wood particles, heavy contaminants (sand, stones, glass) and light contaminants (paper, plastic bags, etc..) which are sucked and discharged through a cyclone.

Advantages Densimetric Separator

Maximum recovery of wood

Ideal for recovering particles of wood that might still be present in the material discarded by our separators.

No more contaminants

Optimal removal of the heavy contaminants from recycled wood

No more sand

Optimal removal of sand from wood dust

Clean environment

Absence of dust in the surrounding area thanks to an effective filtering system


Easy and fast adjustment