Gravimetric separator

The gravimetric separator is a very efficient device for the separation of any polluting substances that might be present in the wood chips. Its action is due to a different density of the particles. The polluted material is introduced at the top of the separator and falls down for the effect of gravity into a counter air flow. The wooden material, which is lighter, remains suspended in the air flow and gets cleaned. The cleaned wood chips are then transported to a cyclone. The heavier pollutants (little stones, glass, plastic, etc.) fall to the bottom of the separator and are extracted by a rotary valve to be discarded.

Advantages Gravimetric separator

Ideal for cleaning

Ideal for cleaning fine wooden fractions.

Extraordinary cleaning efficiency

excellent removal of any kind of heavy pollutants out of wet and dry wooden particles, which result in improved panel machinability and better surface qualities of the panel that becomes smoother and more homogeneous; the number of rejected boards is significantly reduced

No wear

Absence of wear in the machinery placed after the gravimetric separator thanks to the removal of abrasive particles from the wooden flow

No maintenance required

No maintenance required thanks to a lower wear of the machine installed at the plant: longer life-span of sanding belts, cutters, etc.

Easy to regulate

Easy regulation of the selection limits by means of regulation gates or inverters

Constant efficiency

the effectiveness of separation is constant over time

Low energy consumption

the engine of the fan of the gravimetric separator has a lower kW absorption