Rotary valves

Rotary valves are devices that allow to introduce or download continuous bulk material in a system or machine. They are often used in pneumatic conveying systems to allow the passage of material, at the same time avoiding leakage of air between areas having different pressure. Instalmec produces three kinds of rotary valves, each with a different application:

CC Series: knife vs knife seal, rectified and chrome plated body, hardened steel rotor with adjustable bronze side seals. Application: high pressure circuits.

GD Series: rubber seal, equipped with system that doubles the rotary valve life, turned rotor body and discs. Application: Medium pressure circuit.

FB Series: special rubber seals. Use: low specific weight materials, ideal for MDF Plant.

Advantages Rotary valves

High wear resistance

Elimination of the pulse of the material

Suitable for vacuum applications as well