Cleaning system for fibre

Cleaning system for fibre

It is generally known, that 98% of all MDF production lines have a common problem which is not solvable with traditional separation systems available on the market: Small black spots on the panels’ surface. 
Today, after several studies, analysis and trials, Instalmec is proud to offer a new generation technology of separators of material operating in two steps and obtain a much higher classification efficiency compared to traditional systems on the market.
Instalmec’s High efficiency MDF Cleaner separates both fine and coarse material eliminating every kind of pollutants contained in fiber wood such as rubber, glue lumps, small stones, sand, fiber lumps and foreign bodies. The new Instalmec High Efficiency MDF Cleaner is the first fiber cleaning system in the world in which fiber does not go through the fan. In such a way the fiber does not enter in contact with the fan blades, instead it keeps its original structure and therefore the final result is an MDF panel whose mechanical characteristics are much higher than the average MDF panel.

Advantages Cleaning system for fibre

Higher efficiency than in traditional cleaners

Considerable cut of the installed and absorbed power

Excellent protection of the press steel band

Improved panel quality

Excellent panel surface

Increased production of first quality boards

Significant reduction of discarded panels

Low production costs

Compact installation