Pellet Production Plant

Pellet Production Plant

Instalmec features almost two decades of experience in the design and construction of plants for Pellet production. 
We offer custom-made solutions according to our clients’ requirements. Our turn-key plants are managed by a PLC which monitors the whole production process; Our innovative drying system for wooden particles is economical, ecological, flexible and guarantees a top quality pellet. Drying occurs at “low temperatures” (the maximum temperature is ~250°C). Thanks to the low temperatures the distillation of the resins in the wood is reduced and the resins remain within the pellet. As a result, INSTALMEC drying system maximizes the calorific value of the pellet and favours the “gluing” of the particles during the extrusion process. The result is a pellet with higher cohesion and higher market value. The Drying process starts in the Gravimetric separator, where the wood particles enter in contact with a flow of hot gases which separate pollutants from wood and at the same time pre-dry the wooden material. Then the drying process is completed in the drying duct - consisting in a special 150mt long pipe – where the wood particles are transported by the hot gases. Thanks to this modern system the resulting pellet has top quality and performance.

Advantages Pellet Production Plant

Diminish risk of fire and VOCs emissions

Homogeneous and constant dried particles

Completely automatic plant management through a PLC

Facilitate the extrusion process

Enhance cohesion of pellet

Great reduction of plant maintenance

Enhance calorific power of pellet

Keeps the colour of pellet light