Dust and mineral cleaner system

Dust and mineral cleaner system

After a long period of elaboration and several trials performed in its laboratory Instalmec has developed a new screening device capable of an enhanced sifting capacity with respect to traditional screens. This system works very effectively even if the material to be cleaned contains up to 70% of recycled wood. The new dust and mineral cleaner finds its application in the particleboard industry and allows to obtain a fine material with particles having a dimension lower than 0,4 mm. Furthermore, this system reduces significantly the mineral content in the wooden material. After being screened by the Pneumatic Screen the material contains a mineral percentage varying from 8 to 15%. This wood fraction can be further screened by the New Dust and Mineral Cleaner to obtain a final product with a lower mineral content equal to 1,5 - 2%. The reduced mineral content allows for various uses in the wood panel industry. The percentage of minerals in the final product varies according to the mineral content that the material has when it enters the system. Nevertheless, the efficiency of the cleaning system is around 80% - 88%.  The benefits of the new dust and mineral cleaner that customers can enjoy are really outstanding and numerous: a fine wooden material with a very little mineral content allows to obtain a better finished surface of the panel in the productive process of particle-boards. Moreover, a certain amount of fine, cleaned material can be sent to combustion with great advantages, i.e. a better combustion, less cleaning and maintenance problems.

Advantages Dust and mineral cleaner system

Better combustion

Greater efficiency of the dryer due to the low mineral content

Less maintenance

Reduced maintenance costs due to a lower wear, especially in the pneumatic conveying system

The machinery remains always clean

No need to clean the plant

High quality production

Excellent surface quality, homogeneous and uniform

Less production costs

Less wear of sand-paper

Direct coating needing no sanding

Possibility of painting directly on the surface

Excellent panel surface

Excellent coating quality of the coarse particleboard

Size of screened particles can be varied

The granulometry of particles can be varied

Constant in time

Constant productivity