Disk roller screen

This screen guarantees an excellent classification of the material thanks to the particular geometrical shape of the disks and the gap between them. By varying the velocity of the rolls and the spacing varies the grade of separation of the three fractions. The material spreads homogeneously onto the classification surface of the screen, the velocity of rotation favors the progress and classification of the material. The fine fraction gets separated from the coarse fraction and from the oversize which are recovered separately underneath the screen. Polluting particles are discarded.

Advantages Disk roller screen

## Disks extremely resistant to wear

## The disks can be treated with a special hardening coating which makes the disks highly resistant to wear

## Prestazioni ed alta affidabilità

## Inverter

## Accurate classification of the different fractions, as each set of rolls works with a dedicated, adjustable inverter (6 motors, 5,5 kW each = 33 kW; 6 inverters means 6 possible speeds!)

## Speed and classification

## Precise and easy regulation of the velocity of the rolls and of the gap between them to enhance classification

## Performance

## Strong mechanical performance, constant in time

## Design and efficiency

## The special design and geometrical shape of the disks allow for a constant functioning and ultimate performance


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