LPD Cyclone

Its original design and revolutionary operating principle, developed and patent by Instalmec, gives the LPD cyclone incomparable benefits with respect to traditional cyclones. The main innovation is the special finned flow breaker system within the cyclone, which enables the separation of particles al lower air speed than in traditional cyclones.

Advantages LPD Cyclone

Less wear

Less wear due to a lower speed of the particles, resulting in lower maintenance costs; a ceramic coating is no longer needed, since the cyclone is highly resistant to wear.

Smart design

The compact design allows for an indoor installation, in narrow spaces.

Less insulation

Less surface to be thermally insulated due to the compact size.

Energy saving

Less kW absorption thanks to the lower air speed of the particles.


​Lower pressure drop: reduced more than half compared to traditional cyclones, thanks to the innovative concept of the air outlet of the cylindrical portion, which enables a separation of the material at lower air speed.

Lower costs

Minor superficie da isolare grazie alle dimensioni compatte del cicloneSimpler and lighter steel frames resulting in cheaper installation costs.