Dry inline gluing system for fibre

Dry inline gluing system for fibre

Our gluing system is even more effective if the wood fibre is treated after gluing by our special fibre sifter, i.e. Instalmec High Efficiency MDF Cleaner, which contributes to a perfect and homogeneous surface of the panel, keeping it free from the common black spots due to glue/resin lumps. The final result is an MDF panel whose surface and mechanical properties are considerably higher than the average MDF panels, and a considerable reduction in the number of discarded boards. 

Advantages Dry inline gluing system for fibre

Less glue

a significative reduction of the amount of glue used in the panel, i.e. a saving up to 15-25%

Accurate dosing

a more accurate dosing of the glue into the wood fibre

Fine blending

a fine atomization of the glue into the wood fibre, hence a fine blending with fibre

Improved mechanical properties of the panel

better mechanical properties of the panels, since glue is warmed only up to 60°C

Self-cleaning system

less dirt in the gluing areas, since the gluing system is auto-cleaning

Constant in time

constant effectiveness of gluing

No condensation

absence of condensation in the system

Less environment pollution

less environment pollution, since formaldehyde is not released into the atmosphere if heated up at temperatures below 60°C