Plant for the production of OSB panels

Plant for the production of OSB panels

The "green" material in form of logs is selected so as to eliminate any log having inappropriate size or shape. Suitable logs are reduced to leaves (strand).
By means of mechanical conveying systems that preserve the integrity of the strands the material is injected into a rotating drum.As for the particle board material, here too the heat is transferred to the material mainly by convection. 

The dried material is collected at the drum outlet and below the cyclones and sent to the gluing system. Next step is the formation of the mattress which takes place thanks to mechanical and fluid dynamic systems, which allow achieving the desired strands orientation in the various levels of the sections of the panel. As in the above mentioned plants, at the end of the cycle the panel is reduced to the required dimension and its surface is sanded.

Advantages Plant for the production of OSB panels

High yield and extremely low impact between mechanical components and strand;

State of the art construction

sturdy component construction