Magnetic Drum Separator for ferrous metals

A conveyor carries the wooden material contaminated with ferrous metals at the top of the magnetic separator. The material flow is forced through two opposite deferrizing magnetic drums that separate effectively the ferrous stuff from the wood chips. This Separator is capable of detecting and dividing ferrous materials of a wide range of sizes, from very fine dust to grains of a few millimeters, from metal shavings to pieces of ferrous metal of various centimeters.  The effectiveness of separation is ~ 98%. This device is so powerful that can even detect with extreme precision tiny bits of nails embedded within small pieces of wood.

Advantages Magnetic Drum Separator for ferrous metals

Highly effective detection

Highly effective detection of ferrous metals from a few millimeters to various centimeters in size

Efficacious sorting

Efficacious sorting of ferrous particles in a wide range of size

Successful separation

Successful separation of all ferrous metals included in the wood chips flow, even those embedded within wood pieces

No spreading

No spreading of metal dust or ferrous materials in proximity of the machine operational area

Neglectable quantity of wood discarded

Neglectable quantity of wood discarded during the separation of metals